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If you need more styles of skins, Theme skin(图1)please click to download. The following are some themed skins that we have downloaded from the Internet and made by ourselves. Copy the file to the RPG/UI folder after downloading. Press START in the game console to set up. If you have a picture you like, you can also send it to our mailbox to make a skin for you, and send it back to your mailbox after completion. If it is a public picture on the Internet, it will be shared with players in the world. Private skins will only be sent back to your mailbox. Email: r4wood@r4isdhc.cn

Our card supports 16 language settings. We have made 16 landscape themes

Theme skin(图2)Theme skin(图3)

Theme skin(图4)Theme skin(图5)

Theme skin(图6)Theme skin(图7)Theme skin(图8)Theme skin(图9)

Theme skin(图10)Theme skin(图11)

Theme skin(图12)Theme skin(图13)

Theme skin(图14)Theme skin(图15)

Theme skin(图16)Theme skin(图17)

There are other kinds of theme skin Share

Theme skin(图2)Theme skin(图3)

Theme skin(图5)Theme skin(图5)

Theme skin(图4)Theme skin(图5)

Theme skin(图6)Theme skin(图7)

Theme skin(图8)Theme skin(图9)

Continued to increase in.....