R4i kernel download alternate site
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Our R4 card supports all models, including NDS Original, NDS Lite, NDSi / NDSi XL / NDSi LL to the latest system, 2DS / New 2DSXL / 3DS / 3DS XL LL / New 3DS / NEW 3DS XL LL to the latest system. You can set 16 languages, support 512GTF/micro sd card, if it exceeds 32G, you must use DISKGEN to format it as FAT32.

Statement: The red case product has been discontinued and Snoopy is currently marketed as a black card.Starting from 2022, the pictures on the website will not be updated. Please refer to the products sold by dealers. Please refer to the authenticity identification column for the pictures on the main board.

R4iSDHC technicians will visit on weekdays to answer/answer user questions. If you have any questions about true and false identification and any other questions, please send to the following email, thank you for your support!

Email: r4wood@r4isdhc.cn

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